Armstrong Campus Hosts 19th Annual One-Act Play Festival

By Alexandre Iglesias, Staff Writer

Haralson County High School with their trophy for best show. Photo by Dara Johnson.

On Mar. 23 and 24 the Armstrong campus hosted its 19th Annual High School One-Act Play Festival, where different high schools from all over Georgia compete in a 2-day contest to achieve the best theatre performance. The top honors included best show, best technical design, best actress, best actor and best ensemble.

The audience was excited to see some great performances on the stage, and fortunately their expectations were filled with the amazing performances carried out by students from across Georgia.

The first play was put on by Portal High School from Portal, GA. They performed “The Great Nursing Home Escape,” a comedy where a group of old people: the ringleader, the gossip, the grouch, the airhead, the casanova and the shy lady with surprising moxie, tried to escape from a locked-down nursing home to get to a baseball game. Along the way they found something that they didn’t know they could find again, their youth.

The second play was “Drama Rehab: Revenge of the Typecast Actors,” performed by Richmond Hill High School from Richmond Hill, GA. It was a dark comedy about past actors going to Drama Rehab (roll credits!) to overpass the trauma of being cast as the same type of characters over and over again.

The third play was “Boxes,” a teen drama performed by Memorial Day High School from Savannah. It was about a boy who has to deal with boxes full of memories from his past and has to release them in order to move on in his life, so he can go to college as freely as possible.

The fourth play, put on by H.V. Jenkins High School from Savannah, was “A Ghost for Rosanda.” A horror/comedy/drama about four girls who arrive at an old house where a woman named Rosanda tells them the “fictional” story of an old lover of hers that was murdered by her jealous French maid in the old living room. The scared girls decided that the best option was to start telling ghost stories, which ended in one of them almost being killed by one of her friends on accident. At the end we see that the story was actually real and that the house was really haunted.

The final play of the first day called “Henry’s Law” was performed by Islands High School from Savannah. The story was based on the classic storyline between the nerdy guy and the popular hot girl who end up together; however, in an incredible twist, it turned out to be a story about bullying.

The second day started with “Dystopia! The Hungry Maze Game of Divergent Death” put on by Jeff Davis High School from Hazlehurst, Georgia. It was a dystopian comedy where a group of teens must battle emotionally sensitive guards, limited budgets, and a trigger-happy Gamemaster to be proclaimed the winner of the game. 

The second play, which ended up being the main winner of the contest, was “The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza,” performed by Haralson County High School from Tallapoosa, Georgia. It was about two battling narrators who attempt to cover the entirety of Greek mythology using audience participation, cross-dressing, and general theatrical insanity.

The third play “Anxiety is Orange,” was performed by Savannah Christian Preparatory School. It was about how colors (as in red, yellow, or grey) interact with each other, which created a very interesting world of connections between every color.

The fourth play “Fortress,” was performed by Wayne County High School from Jesup, GA. The story was about a boy named Billy, who finds out that he’s adopted. We see how he deals with it through the eyes of his friend, ally and sometimes enemy, Kim, who shares his passion about the most famous orphan ever, Superman.

The final play of the event, “Nunsense” was performed by Rabun County High School from Tiger, GA. “Nunsense” is a comedy musical that tells the story of the five survivors of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, a one-time missionary order that ran a leper colony on an island south of France. The well-known musical was the second-longest-running Off-Broadway show in history.

After careful deliberation, the judges came back to give out trophies to the respective winners and all the students had a good time on stage.

The final winners were:

Best Show- Haralson County High School “The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza”

Runner Up- Islands High School “Henry’s Law”

Best Technical Design- Haralson County High School “The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza”

Best Actress- Susanna Grafton from Rabun County High School “Nunsense”

Best Actor- Holden Bragg from Portal High School “The Great Nursing Home Escape”

Best Ensemble- Wayne County High School “Fortress”