Armstrong Campus Students Run for SGA

Armstrong Campus Students Run for SGA

By Gabriel Williams, Staff Writer

Spencer DeMink (Left) and Tyler Tyack (Right) prepare for the EVP Debate Forum held last week.

The ballot for the 2018-2019 Student Government Association Elections will remain open until 11:59pm on Wednesday April 4th, 2018.

Amongst those running for the Executive Vice President (EVP) seat for the Armstrong and Liberty campuses are Spencer DeMick and Tyler Tyack.

Spencer DeMink

My name is Spencer DeMink and I am running for the Executive Vice President of the Armstrong and Liberty Campuses. I am a Senator and a member of four different committees. I have shown my effectiveness as a representative for the students on campus and as a leader. I oversee the Rules Committee within SGA and my leadership has led to us presenting 11 pieces of meaningful legislation to the Senate Floor, the most of any committee.

Working closely with the consolidation of the University has shown me that there are certain precedents that need to be set going forward. If given the opportunity to serve as the EVP, my exemplary team and I will be able to accomplish those goals and give you the best experience of this campus you could ever have.

Beyond SGA, I also enjoy being active in the college and local community. I have volunteered with Treasure Savannah both times it was offered to me and have even taken up an internship position for the Gubernatorial campaign over Winter Break and serve as an ambassador for this campus. I have clocked in about 80 hours of work over the course of January and February which includes attending marches, events, fundraisers, phone-banking, and have participated in a few interviews for the campaign.

I frequent many Gay-Straight Alliance meetings and have been involved in many different Intra-Mural sports. I ended my first semester at Armstrong with a 3.0 G.P.A. while working around 30 hours per week in retail. I am a brother in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity.

My experience with the Armstrong Chapter of SAE has given me many opportunities to do charitable work like reading to children at local elementary schools and volunteering at food-banks. I am also a part of the Bylaws, Fundraising, and Recruitment Committee for the Fraternity.

Representing the students of the campus is something I truly enjoy, and I look forward to giving the best representation possible because they deserve it. Thank You!

Tyler Tyack

My name is Tyler Tyack and I am currently running for the office of Executive Vice President for the Student Government Association. As your EVP, I promise to help build our new University to be the best that it can be! 

I have been extremely active for a Sophomore Criminal Justice student at Armstrong and that extends beyond Student Government. I have been a member of the Student Integrity Board since the beginning of my Freshman year. I have also served as a Residential Assistant in Windward Commons for my sophomore year.

In Student Government, I have served as Chair of the Elections Committee and the Student Life Committee. Recently, the two committees sent out the much-awaited Galley survey to students. It was with this survey that I was able to successfully pass legislation to remove Sodexo as our food provider and welcome in Eagle Dinning Services for the next academic year. This means better food for your dollar!

What the Tyack-Kohler tickets promises is more student involvement. We will move our SGA meeting times to evening hours, which will make them more accessible to all students. Additionally, we will have informative social events on a monthly basis, where we will not only be able to have fun and give away SGA gear, but will allow students to come out and meet their senators and executives.

Finally, to our Registered Student Organizations, I guarantee you that at least one executive will attend every event you request funding for. We will also advertise your events like they were our own, because the SGA is here for you, and wants to make your job as an organization easier.

The link for the ballot is in your Armstrong student email account. However, the link will no longer be valid once opened so be sure to complete the ballot once.