Demink and Morales to Represent Armstrong

By Gabriel Williams, Staff Writer

The results are in for the 2018-2019 SGA Elections. Several students from across all three campuses campaigned for spots for the new Student Government Association.

Starting this fall, there will be over 50 students serving in SGA. This includes delegates from all nine colleges such as the College of Health Professions and the College of Science and Mathematics.

The new SGA board will be constructed in a sophisticated way in that concerns from the Liberty, Statesboro, and Savannah Campuses are all addressed and reported back to the SGA president, Jarvis Steele, who will then conduct regularly reports of those concerns.

Among those who won were Armstrong students Spencer Demink and Yilnette Morals Nunez who will both serve as delegates of the Armstrong and Liberty Campuses. Spencer will serve as the Executive Vice President and Yinette will serve as the Executive Vice President of Finance.

Spencer was elated once he found out the good news and has high goals for next school year. He mentioned that his goals are “achieving a smooth consolidation process, add more opportunities to apply for scholarships and making SGA more transparent and accessible to the student body.”

With a large and consolidated university brings an issue for students when registering for classes. Some are not quite sure how to access WINGS, the new student portal, which is required for all GSU students to register for fall classes.

There has also been growing concerns if students’ academic grids will be affected. Spencer plans to resolve these issues so that students can have an easy transition into classes with as little obstruction as possible.

“We are going to work closely with administration to make sure they are listening to what the students want, as well as having them inform the student body in a timely manner and allow the student body to give feedback” he added.

Yilnette Morales Nunuez will be charged with the task of maintaining all disbursement and financial operations of the Armstrong campus of SGA. She will also oversee expenditures by organizations receiving funding from SGA.

Nunuez currently serves as a Senate member and has also made the Dean’s List of the College of Science and Technology in 2016.

Moving Forward, SGA will have one President of GSU and two Executive Vice Presidents for the Statesboro and Armstrong/Liberty campuses. Each week there will be meetings held between executive boards from each campus.

There will also be conventions held throughout the semester which will provide SGA members with ways to be innovative and creative leaders of the newly renovated student board and equip them with strategies on advancing student life on campus.

Effective this fall, students will no longer be required to purchase a parking decal to place on their vehicle. Instead, License Plate Recognition, a new parking rule coming to our campus, will allow students to register their license plate with parking services online instead of overwhelming paperwork.

“I think this is a great idea” Demink stated.

Moreover, students will be allowed to park on all three campuses and utilize the facilities on all three campuses.

Now that SGA has expanded, this creates much more room for unanswered questions to be answered. While some are not quite satisfied with the aftermath of the consolidation, others commend GSU for expanding its opportunities and resources to the Savannah area.

Even though there will be three campuses, the unified vision of SGA will be to empower students through education, work to identify issues and implement creative solutions to benefit current and future students.

A complete list of election results including delegates of each college can be located on the Inkwell’s Webpage.