So You Think You Can Joke: BCM Hosts Improv Night

So You Think You Can Joke: BCM Hosts Improv Night

By Daylon Bonner, Staff Writer

Students Jacob Ivester, Austin Webb, Griffin Page, and Kenny Jones participated in different improv games at the BCM “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” night. Photo by Katrina Yaneza.

The BCM on campus hosted their first “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” game night on April 13. As the name implies, it is based on the show of the same name, which is designed around improvisation. The night achieved its laughs via suggestions from the audience, such as scenario suggestions, and a variety of different games. Some of the games had to build upon the jokes while others elicited humor from quick wit.

The jokes began with the food served. The cuisine that was offered contained Roger Rabbit inspired jokes such as “Meat Cakes,” hamburger sliders, and some jokes about cats.

The usual games seen in the show made a presence in the form of “World’s Worst,” “Scenes From a Hat,” “Props,” and “Hoe Down” while the lesser known gags from the show filled the intervening time.

Some of the students seemed nervous when the first game, “World’s Worst” began. However, once people began to loosen up, things started to get interesting.

They even began cracking jokes on each other. There was no venom behind the zingers, just honest humor at the expense of a friend. Truth be told these jokes, especially the ones between Kenny Jones and A.J. Johnson, seemed to allow everyone to relax as the jokes became funnier and more creative as the night progressed.

While “Props” arguably showed the most creativity, the most enjoyable game was probably “Scenes From a Hat.” This is mostly due to the format of the game. “Scenes From a Hat” is a fast-paced game in which players are given a scenario and must quickly improvise something funny to say. The free reign given by the game gave minimal restrictions to what could be used. The scenarios included honest Axe Body Spray commercials, linebackers and pregnant women, dad jokes and Taco Bell. These variations in topics brought out a variety of material and helped create a fun atmosphere.

After the conclusion of the event, Johnson gave some of his thoughts on the event. He spoke about the genesis of the event stating that the organization wanted to do one last event before closing out the year.

Also given that Jones, a senior theatre major, is president of the organization, and the fact that many of them worked on an in-house musical production the previous semester, an improvisation show seemed like an ideal candidate for an event. He also echoed the sentiment of preferring the rapid-fire games to the less frenzied ones.

While there was a cost of attendance of $5, at least it went towards a cause. To paraphrase Johnson, the proceeds from the event will fund future missions taken by BCM members, both abroad and domestic. Specifically, they will go through the organization Send Me Now (SMN). The BCM has an ongoing working relationship with SMN and hopefully they can achieve their goals for funding future mission trips.

The BCM will be hosting an End of the Year Luau from 6pm to 9pm on April 27 at their building.