What To Do Around Savannah This Summer

Graphic by: Brandon Coe

Graphic by: Brandon Coe

By Alexandre Iglesias, Staff Writer

4th of July fireworks over the Savannah River. Photo by Visit Savannah.

Since this issue is the last this semester before summer break, I want to provide a comprehensive list of some of the entertaining events you can expect to see going on around this wonderful city of ours this summer. You’ll probably want to have something to do in the meantime, preparing for your summer classes. This list even includes nationwide and regionwide events for those that will be returning home far away from Savannah.

National Ice Cream Day

The world’s most appreciated dessert deserves a day to celebrate its greatness! In 1984, Pres. Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month and established National Ice Cream Day as the third Sunday in the month of July. So this July 15, celebrate by eating ice cream until you get a brain freeze! And in Savannah, be on the lookout to see what special offers Leopold’s Ice Cream will be presenting to celebrate the big day.

River Street Seafood Fest 2018

To commemorate one of Savannah’s most important exports to the US and the world, The Savannah Waterfront Association will host their annual River Street Seafood Fest the weekend of June 1-3. You will be able to eat shrimp, crawfish, oysters, crabs and more from the booths of local restaurants in the city. Then come visit Rousakis Plaza, where there will be arts & crafts booths featuring coastal-inspired art along with live entertainment featured on the Arbor Stage throughout the weekend.

Fairy & Gnome Festival 

The Oatland Island Wildlife Center is dedicating a day to appreciate the wildlife of this beautiful region while getting a little bit whimsical with the Fairy & Gnome Festival on May 5. You can connect with the folks dressed as fairies and gnomes (creatures profoundly related with nature) and enjoy activities like a Wings Fashion Show or constructing a fairy village.

River Street Fourth of July Celebration

Come to River St. on July 4 to see some live-entertainment on the Arbor Stage in Rousakis Plaza and the beautiful fireworks starting in the evening. Because what better way to celebrate the independence of the country that likes to blow things up? Side note: Please look after your pets while the fireworks are going on if you’re celebrating at home. It’d probably be best to leave them in your house for the day.

SPOLETO Festival USA 2018

This festival will be in Charleston, SC. from May 25 to June 10. The 17-day long festival will be held in various churches, theaters and outdoor venues throughout Charleston, featuring musical performances, theatre, opera and jazz shows. The festival has been held every year since 1977 and was created as an equivalent to the annual Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy. For a full list of shows and ticket prices, go to spoletousa.org.

SCAD Spotlight Day?

On April 28, SCAD will present a promotion day during their Sidewalk Arts Festival where you can learn everything about the degree programs and student life of this art university. Admission advisors will be on hand to meet with whomever is interested.

From all of us at The Inkwell, have a great summer!