The First Meeting of the Year

Photo by: Ryan Woodham

Photo by: Ryan Woodham

By Daylon Bonner, Staff Writer

SGA held its first meeting of the school year. Not much related to legislation made its way on to the agenda. However, several people made enthusiastic remarks about the events surrounding the upcoming months. These people included Executive Vice President Spencer Demink, President Jarvis Steele, via recorded video and SGA Advisor Andrew Dies.

Much of the meeting concerned appointments to the Senate and formal business in each of the various committees. Three Senators, Nia Skelton, Keisha Cheney and Josiah Fredrick, took the oath to serve on the Senate. Senator Charles Breazeale would then be sworn into the position of Speaker of the Senate. Shortly afterward, a vote resulted in Senator Alysia Williams being appointed to Deputy Speaker.

Several committees named their respective figureheads.

SGA meeting will now be recorded and made available to students.