In Case You Missed It (Movies & Albums)

In Case You Missed It (Movies & Albums)

By Daylon Bonner, Staff Writer




The Gorillaz returned in June with the album “The Now Now.” While unfortunately not as good as their earlier efforts, some of the songs merit repeat listening. Some of the songs that fall under that category are, “Humility,” “Tranz,” and “Sorcererz.”

An album I missed at its initial release but was recommended by a friend is the album “Love Is Dead” by Chvrches. I like the album but would be lying if I said I would return to it more than on one occasion. If this album is more your speed, I recommend just about all the tracks, specifically “Graffiti” and “Graves.”

The collaborative effort between Kid Cudi and Kanye West “Kids See Ghost” came as a welcome surprise. It is one of the better releases from either artist to come out this decade. At under 30 minutes, it is a breeze to listen to and every track has its merit.

Travis Scott released “Astroworld” earlier this month and it has not left my mind since. The album isn’t great, but its replay value is apparent. The vibe created by the production and features is phenomenal. Recommended songs include “Stargazing,” “R.I.P. Screw,” “Stop Trying to be God,” “NC-17,” “Butterfly Effect,” and “Coffee Bean.”

In the same vein musically, but way more experimental in structure and content is the latest release from Denzel Curry “Ta13oo.” Truth be told, the album is an acquired taste. However, it’s a rewarding listen if you choose to delve into it.

The most enjoyable listen I had this summer was with Kyle’s latest project “Light of Mine.” The album is a pop record through and through, and yet it might be one of the best albums I have heard this year. Recommendations include “Ups & Downs,” “Ikuyo,” “Games,” “Babies,” “Playinwitme,” “iMissMe,” and of course “iSpy.”

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My final recommendation is Janelle Monae’s “Dirty Computer.” Just go buy it and spoil yourself. It is that good. I honestly do not think it has a bad track. As said before just buy the album and enjoy.


“Avengers: Infinity War” has been called by the studio as “the most ambitious crossover in cinema history” but to me, it’s no different than any other Marvel movie. It is not bad, but aside from a couple of moments, it does not stand out too heavily. It feels like a pit stop more than an important progression in the story. I may be suffering from fatigue after seeing nearly all of these movies, but I forgot most of this movie after viewing it. B

If for some reason, you needed to know Han Solo’s backstory, or if you wish to support Donald Glover, you can see “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” Otherwise, there is not much reason to see it. D+

“Deadpool 2” is similar to “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” in that the first film is a lightning in a bottle film that honestly did not need to be repeated. And yet they did it anyway. However, this film can stand on its own merit to become an enjoyable watch. The elements that pull it over the hump is Cable, Domino and Colossus. Also, the soundtrack, especially the Celine Dion song, came through to make an enjoyable watch. A-

“Hotel Artemis” came as a surprise this summer. It wasn’t great but still enjoyable. It had a clever concept and some standout performances. B+

Jack Jack versus a Raccoon is admittedly enough to recommend “The Incredibles 2.” The overall plot is not as good as the first film, but the family is still as enjoyable this time around. As always, Michael Giacchino comes through with the score. When you get a chance to see it, enjoy yourself. A-

“Mission Impossible: Fallout” is one of the best films to come out this summer. With this being the sixth installment, I think they have hit their stride and niche. They show off the best of the team and the action is well-helmed. Plus, this film has Tom Cruise versus Superman. Go see it when you get the chance. A-

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