Weekly Horoscope August 13-19

By Laura Weyman, Travel Editor


Aries– This week will be very intense. Luckily, this intensity is not unfamiliar to you. This is a time to let go of old grudges and start fresh. Your extra dash of charm this week equips you for social adventures and interactions. Take this time to bond with your lover, family and friends or, perhaps, go on a hunt for new acquaintances.

Taurus– This week promises to be a productive one internally as well as materialistically. You may experience an internal shift that causes old wounds to resurface. Don’t fear your emotions and use them to further you in accomplishing your long-term or short-term goals. This is the time to keep your friends close.

Gemini– You may want to put off making important decisions this week and wait until better clarity is established. You may be overwhelmed with needs and desires, but this not the time to act. However, this week is the time to break down barriers and make progress in your personal life.  

Cancer– Perhaps you are questioning trust in your close relationships this week. Don’t pay too much attention to these feelings of doubt. It is better for you to retreat into your shell and hold off on making decisions regarding close relationships. However, you are in need of change in other areas of your life. Perhaps now is the time to form better habits in your daily routine.

Leo– This week is filled with surprises for you, Leo! You may find that much of what you have been holding inside will finally be set free, which will make you feel lighter and more positive. Now is the time for you to show your appreciation for someone and to embark on creative endeavors.

Virgo– Remember that no setback is permanent. This week you may find yourself falling into old patterns and old habits. Initially, this may be discouraging initially, but don’t let it bring you down. Remember that help is always available around and that the sun will rise again tomorrow; however, there is no need to wait for tomorrow to change these habits.

Libra– Be cautious with your words this week. Now is the time to be tactful and gentle when engaging in social interactions. Make sure to stay flexible to change that may arise. This is a good week for trading and negotiating since smooth communication is on your side.

Scorpio– Be careful not to get too lost in thought this week. This is a good time to be productive and progressive. But if you get too caught up in your own head, you may miss out on the opportunity. It is time to seek truth and to pursue your goals.

Sagittarius– Your charm and charismatic nature help you get along with everyone this week including your enemies. This is a good time to focus on diplomacy and friendship. Avoid gossip and stay positive this week.

Capricorn– This will be a dynamic and challenging week for you, Capricorn. Make sure to remain focused and to concentrate. Don’t give into self-doubt. This a good time for you to further dive into the subjects that interest you and focus on your future career.

Aquarius– This is a thought-provoking week for you. Something you hoped for may fall through, but you will find that it was not in your best interest anyway. You may be called to sort out issues in your personal life, and now is the time to do so since communication is on your side.

Pisces– You may find yourself revisiting the past and questioning decisions that you’ve made or wrestling with feelings of failure. Remember that you cannot change the past but you are much wiser because of it; so, forgive yourself! Your mysterious attractiveness makes romance favorable this week.