Some of the best nature spots in Georgia

Some of the best nature spots in Georgia

By: Laura Weyman, Travel Editor


Skidaway Island State Park

skidaway-island-state-park- Explore Georgia

This state park is made up of a variety of loop trails that spread across the maritime forest and lunge next to the salt water marsh. This is a beautiful place to enjoy a couple-mile hike at sunset while the fiddler crabs make their usual clicking sounds during low tide.

Harris Neck Refuge

Harris NEck- Joe Kegley

This refuge is well worth the 45 minutes’ drive from Armstrong campus. The abundance of wildlife that resides there cannot be seen elsewhere. Fall is approaching and birds are migrating back down south. It’s mating season for the wood storks and they are nesting at Harris Neck by the thousands. During this time, the trees are completely painted white and the nestlings are causing a ruckus with their braying cries. While wandering by the main pond and down the trails you may also spot alligators, turtles or painted buntings.

Providence Canyon State Park

Providence Canyon1- Neely's on Wheels

Have you always dreamt of seeing the Grand Canyon? Well, this spot may hold you over until you get to venture in the far west. It may not compare in size to the Grand Canyon, but at least you won’t have to fight off tourists. This little gem is located at 4 hours away from Savannah and one hour from Columbus Georgia.

Jekyll Island

Driftwoodbeach- Jekyll Island Club Resort

This destination is a little bit of drive, but is a refreshing change of scenery from the plain Tybee beaches. Driftwood monuments line the waterfront and it’s been featured by USA Today as one of the best Southern beaches for a weekend escape.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center

OtlandIsland- Cred- OIWC

Wolves once roamed inside the woods of Georgia. This species has been wiped out for decades now, but this wildlife center has re-created their habitat and houses a pack of wolves. If you loop around this almost two-mile-long trail, you can also encounter bobcats, cougars, alligators, foxes, bison, deer and a variety of birds.