Does Armstrong Even Care?

By: Stanton Dobson, Copy Editor

It would seem as though Armstrong’s student body feels very removed from the leadership transitioning process that is currently underway for Georgia Southern University. The student’s indifference can be attributed to a perceived lack of visibility into the University’s conduct, a perceived lack of student representation in the University’s decision-making and, apparently, a perceived immunity against the consequences of the decisions themselves. By and by, the large majority of the Armstrong campuses’ student body feels unaffected by or even powerless against the goings-on pertaining to the election process for Georgia Southern’s new president. This is not alright.

As Alecia Kovach, a sophomore student at Armstrong, puts it, the sentiment is that Armstrong students “didn’t have anything to do with electing him [Jamie Hebert] as president,” and “didn’t have anything to do with [any decisions in leadership] until he stepped down…so with this new president coming in, it wouldn’t be any different.”

Elise Wells, another sophomore student, then elaborates, “If it’s bad, we’ll notice. Of course, we’ll worry if something drastically changes. But…there’s not much to worry about, really.”

But why wait for something drastic to happen? And if there is a possibility for our situation to drastically change how is there nothing to worry about? Students have to be proactive in the decisions that govern their education, and the election of a new university president is definitely one such decisions.

There is an infectious disinterest permeating our student body regarding the state of our institution. Students may claim that there is nothing to do against the changes being enacted as a consequence of the consolidation; however, if no strides are being made into figuring out what’s going on or into being proactive in one’s education, then of course the things going on around you will appear as if you’re powerless against them. It is ludicrous to ignore the election process going on, especially now, considering that our school is going through such a pivotal period, because this process very much affects your education. This does affect you.

If you sit passively and let things and changes happen around you without the slightest concern, then you will more than likely not be satisfied with the result. It’s no wonder that Armstrong was chosen for consolidation in the first place, since, evidently, no one really even cared…