Physics Convocation

By: Stanton Dobson, Copy Editor


The physics convocation was a great opportunity for physics majors and students in majors of related fields to be exposed to the avenues for internship, student research and networking available through Georgia Southern University.

There were many avenues for professional development present at the physics convocation,  one of which was the McNair Scholars Program. Those interested should promptly seek out an application at the Office of Science and Technology at Armstrong. The deadline for submission is Sept 7.

Selected applicants will spend the majority of their summer at the Statesboro Campus to do research in an affiliated STEM field under one of Georgia Southern’s professors. Living accommodations are provided and students will receive a stipend of $2800 USD for their participation.

The physics convocation also provided the opportunity to pursue student research at the Armstrong campus. There were multiple physics faculty from Armstrong in attendance at the convocation (Dr. Jefferey Secrest, Dr. William Baird, and Donna Mullenax to name a few), and they all presented on their and students’ involvement in the undergoing research of their area of expertise. If any students are interested in participating in scientific research at Armstrong, these professors advise that students approach them on that prospect.

Dr. Brian Koehler the assistant dean of Georgia Southern’s College of Science and Mathematics also attended the physics convocation on Aug 31. He talked with students about opportunities in post-baccalaureate education, offered advice pertaining to interning and obtaining intern positions, and discussed the affairs surrounding the old science curricula requirements of Armstrong and the new science curricula requirements of Georgia Southern.

Dr. Koehler assured that going forward students majoring under the branch of science will continue to be afforded support in satisfying the requirements for whatever science curriculum that they pursue their degree through. That support can be expected to extend near or up to the year of 2022.

Dr. Koehler also informed that science majors at Armstrong will also receive support from Georgia Southern in their pursuit of internship opportunities as well. I believe that students here can expect more of such support in the future as our schools integrate further.