Where is the Live Music in Savannah?

By: Laura Weyman, Travel Editor


The Jinx- Geoff L. Johnson
Photo of The Jinx. Photo by Geoff L. Johnson.

The Jinx

From country to hip-hop to alternative metal, this funky venue puts on shows that fall all over the music genre spectrum. This is perhaps one of the most reputed music venues in Savannah and has been alive since the early 2000s. This stage is where successful and native Savannah bands such as Black Tusk and Kylesa come to play when in town.

The Wormhole- Photo Cred- The Wormhole
Photo of The Wormhole. Photo by The Wormhole.

The Wormhole

Located in the center of the Starland District, this dive bar and music venue arrived long before the neighborhood became the Little Five Points of Savannah. You can never be sure what kind of live shows will be hosted on this stage. Many local Artists of all genres perform there regularly, but The Wormhole has also hosted names as Big Dick Dale, the king of surf rock.

El Rocko- Photo Cred- Patrick L.
Picture of El Rocko Lounge. Photo by Patrick L.

El Rocko Lounge

This 60s-themed bar is decked out in gold from the ceiling to the floor and offers a variety of specialty cocktails, such as their famous Scorpion Tea that is known to be quite heavy on bourbon despite how smooth it goes down. El Rocko hosts live music shows all week long and is a great place to go dancing late night since their live shows are typically followed by a DJ set.

Barrellhouse South- Photo Cred- @Mikie_V
Photo of Barrelhouse South. Photo by Mikie_V.

Barrelhouse South

Located right next door to The Jinx on Congress Street, this bar is made up of two levels. The top floor is where the stage and main bar are located, while the bottom floor has pool tables and a second bar in case the band playing that night isn’t what you’re into. On the stage, you will most likely find bands that fall somewhere under the Southern Rock, Reggae, Jam Band, Electronic, Classic Rock or Blues Genres.

The Bean- Photo Cred- Savannah for 91 Days
Photo of Sentient Bean. Photo by Savannah for 91 Days.

The Sentient Bean

This little coffee shop hosts a variety of events all throughout the week and is a great option if you are underage. It is always open to all and hosts traveling bands that are bound to satisfy a variety of musical tastes.