GSU’s War on Hazing

By: Ethan Smith, News Editor

Hazing has been an epidemic among college campuses all around the country. Just last week, a student from the University of Houston sued his former fraternity after a near-death experience during a 72-hour hazing event and UMass-Amherst was indicted on hazing and alcohol charges.

This week is National Prevent Hazing Week, and Georgia Southern Greek Life wants to educate everyone on the issues of hazing and how those issues can be impactful on everyone involved.

I got the chance to speak with some Greek Life representatives about why hazing should not be a part of any fraternity or sorority.

I first spoke with the Membership Director and Philanthropy Chairman of Phi Mu on campus, Tarah Jane, and she had this to say about hazing and Greek Life.

“The whole point of Greek life is to have a support system of men or women to help you through your ups and downs, not to cause your ups and downs.”

I also spoke with the President of Kappa Sigma on Campus, Paul Ferdinand, and he gave his overall perspective on hazing regarding his fraternity.

“Hazing runs contrary to any concept of brotherhood in the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Belittling people does not make them better members of a brotherhood.”

Events will be going on throughout the week with the aim to educate students on what hazing is, how hazing affects people and bringing awareness to preventing hazing.

Be on the lookout for our respective Greek Life representatives, they want you to be a part of something great and make an environment that is comfortable for everyone.