Learning Commons Saga Ends as Normal Hours Return

Learning Commons Saga Ends as Normal Hours Return

By: Ethan Smith, News Editor


On Monday Oct 1, the Learning Commons announced a shortage in its hours due to an unforeseen resignation from a part-time staff member.

Last week, Aimee Reist, the Director of the Learning Commons, wanted students to know that no one in the Learning Commons wanted to reduce hours and that a short-term plan would be generated in the coming days. She kept that promise.

A petition was also started online that generated over one thousand signatures from concerned students.

A few days after, an announcement was released that brought back the original hours, with a small change coming on Sundays. The opening time on Sundays was pushed back a few hours to make the change possible, meaning Monday-Thursday will now have its original 2 am closing time back.

Aimee Reist made it clear that she wanted students to be heard, and by bringing back original hours, that statement came to fruition.

Making our voices heard will bring faith that if other issues are noticed by students, fixes can come to the Armstrong campus. If you, as students have something to say about something on campus, say it. Who knows, maybe that problem can get resolved for everyone’s benefit.