If This Doesn’t Get Any Oscars, It’s Because it Didn’t Make a Reference to “Hercules”

If This Doesn’t Get Any Oscars, It’s Because it Didn’t Make a Reference to “Hercules”

By Daylon Bonner, Staff Writer


Bradley Cooper makes his directorial debut with “A Star is Born.”

Along with Lady Gaga, he also stars in the film.

Prior to its release, this film was promoted everywhere and even garnered Oscar buzz. Having seen it, it is appropriate. “A Star is Born” is one of the best films I have seen this year.

Cooper did a phenomenal job helming this film. I am interested to see what he directs next. Also, his acting is good too.

If someone did not at least like Lady Gaga before, I think this film could have changed their mind. She made this movie. Her voice is already fantastic, but she commanded the screen with her acting ability.

A significant hurdle for any actor, regardless of notoriety, is showing the character, not the person playing the character. Aside from when she sang, because her voice is that distinct, I did not see Lady Gaga on screen. She was Ally from start to finish, and I have to give credit where credit is due.

The film is not musical in the traditional sense. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the music. The fusion of country and rock, with some blues sprinkled in for good flavor, is awesome. I do not know for certain if Cooper learned guitar for his role. Nonetheless, whoever did the guitar work did an excellent job with it.

As mentioned before, Lady Gaga came through with her vocals as usual. Knowing that she and Cooper wrote most of the songs themselves is another point in favor of the film.

I will say the film does not have a uber eventful plot, but I do not think, at least in this case, that this is a bad thing. The two lead characters meet, display adorable chemistry, and the rest of the film is their relationship.

The fact that both characters are celebrities does influence the relationship, but I think the film would work just as well if they were not because the characters are so likable.

As for flaws, the film is about ten minutes too long. I’m not exactly sure where it should be trimmed, but the length is felt.

This is not a flaw, but more of a caution. One of the characters has tinnitus, and the high-pitched ringing is used throughout the film. If you have this, be wary.

The hype behind this film is warranted, and when the Oscars roll around, it will most likely garner several nominations.

As for me, I give “A Star is Born” a strong eight out of ten with a definite recommendation. The film is available in theaters now.