Dessert Theater: “Pancake Special”



By: Stanton Dobson, Copy Editor

The Armstrong campus BCM will be holding its annual Dessert Theater show on Nov. 8-10 at 7 p.m. in an effort to raise funds for the student summer mission program of SendMeNow. SendMeNow is part of the Collegiate Ministry of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.  

The BCM currently has a goal to raise $6000 as a part of this joint effort, and at the end of the year, each BCM from around the state will pool their money together to send out student summer missionaries across the country and around the world to help in bettering disadvantaged communities as part of SendMeNow.

The prospect of Desert Theater is based around the idea of, as student director Jakarie Miller describes, “dessert and a show.”

“They sit down and at 7 pm, we start the play, and at intermission, we take about 30 mins to serve the guests… different desserts that different churches around the area [prepare]… while that’s going on speakers go on stage and give a background on SendMeNow and the mission trips for the next year, and usually the director will come up there and talk about the show.”

This year’s show, “Pancake Special,” will feature an all-student cast that will portray the story that Miller himself wrote.

“Pancake Special” is a story that involves four run-of-the-mill characters as they navigate an extraordinary situation—a robbery.

The characters include: Carla, a bitter, 40-year-old, real estate agent that is played by Katrina Yaneza; Amy, a young waitress who works at the diner where the play is set, is played by Heather Byler; David, a single father who has fallen on hard times, is played by Charlie Conger; and John, a pastor that is played by Dan Hatch.

Most of the actors have some experience in acting and theatre, but for some others, like Yaneza, this is a totally new experience.

Yet Miller notes that “she, probably out of everyone, has shown the most growth of someone who had no experience to where she is now.”

As Miller explains, these four characters are put in a situation with “a lot of pressure.”

“Pancake Special’ was written with the intent to show God in a very ungodly situation. People who you would not think to be a representation of God; it’s written very secular on purpose for that to happen. People can come expecting to see things they may not have seen before.”

Among the cast members, a few were interviewed on their favorite aspects of the rehearsal process so far.

Byler elaborates on her favorite aspect of the play, “I think the writing in general is really good. It’s not overloaded in comedy or overloaded in drama. There’s a really good mixture of both, and there’s a really nice flow to it… It’s a lot of fun.”

While Conger said the highlight of play for him is “my corny jokes.”

Still, perhaps the best testimony to the play comes from its director Miller.

“I think this show does a good job at showing that if you let those [internal] walls be broken down, that’s where the healing comes—that’s where the spiritual healing comes—that’s where the emotional healing comes. So, I think people can come expecting a good time. It’s not an all-the-time, heavy show. It has many different elements. It’s funny; it’s hilarious; it gets real sometimes; it gets down to the nitty-gritty and it really—it gets heavy…but it’s a lot of fun.”

Co-directors of “Pancake Special” Madison                 Watkins and Jakarie Miller. Photo by Stanton Dobson.

“Pancake Special,” Miller’s second directorial endeavor, will be performed Nov 8-10 at the Armstrong BCM.

Miller will be co-directing the show with Madison Watkins.

The general admission price for the event is $10, while the price of admission for students and children under 12 is $5. For more information on the event attendees can contact the BCM at 912-925-8563 or at

A short teaser of the play is also available on our website at