New Food Options Finally Coming to Armstrong Campus

By: Ethan Smith, News Editor

Rejoice Armstrong students! After a grueling wait for more dining options, our wait appears to finally be over.

Next Monday, November 12, Sushi with Gusto will have its grand opening in University Hall. Sushi with Gusto has already been a student-favorite on the Statesboro campus, with many food options including Inari, Maki and Uramaki sushi.

Along with the grand opening of Sushi with Gusto comes the return of everyone’s favorite, the food truck. The food truck has reportedly received a revamp with brand new food options and a new look centering around Georgia Southern.

In other news regarding food options, there is still no word on when the Chick-Fil-A or Starbucks will open in the Memorial College Center food court.

The food truck and Sushi with Gusto will have samples of the new food options as well as prizes at their respective grand openings. Be sure to go out and be apart of campus history as the beginning of new food options comes to the Armstrong campus.