Students Get Entertained With Hypnotist Show

Photo by: Andy Morales

Photo by: Andy Morales

Gabriel Williams, Staff Writer


  Students got a chance to learn more about the skill of hypnosis during a show on Nov. 29 in the Ogeechee Theatre.

  Sponsored by the University Programming Board (UPB), the hypnotist Thomas   Bresadola’s show was geared to give students a live demonstration of getting hypnotized.

  Bresadola is a Master Hypnotist & Gifted Psychic Reader.

  The stage was open to volunteers who wanted to be a part of the performance.

  “Some people will have reactions,” said Bresadola, as he explained the process of Hypnosis.

Some of the student volunteers with Thomas Bresadola at the Hypnotist show. Photo by Gabriel Williams.

  He mentioned that there are six stages, all requiring the individual to focus on their body’s response to the scenarios that were being described to them.

  “Everyone here was hypnotized, but where they were is the question,” said Bresadola.

  The first stage is Hypnoidal, a light snooze followed by fluttering eye movements.

  Upon completion, the individual slowly moves through other phases and then falls asleep during Somnambulistic, the last stage.

   Participants were asked to close their eyes and picture themselves in imaginary scenarios.

   This included being on a beach, winning $1,000, and even romance with the love of their dreams.

  Soft music was also played to set the tone for a quiet atmosphere.

  “It was very peaceful and soothing just being in those moments,” said Ana Robinson, freshman nursing major.

  While some found the scene very relaxing, others found it very funny and comical.

  Many audience members laughed in response to the facial expressions and comments from the students on stage.

  “I just couldn’t help but laugh at myself for sitting still so quietly for that long,” said Gregg Hapkins, junior english major.

   Audience members were also invited to engage in the meditative process. Although most didn’t have any effects after the show, some felt like they were actually asleep.

  “There was one moment where I stopped listening and daydreamed,” said Jordan Smalls, freshman biology major.

  The effects of hypnosis are contingent upon the individual’s body response to the scenes and their point of focus during their sleep.

  Ever since he was a child, Bresadola always wanted to do something fun and creative.

  “After 30 years of doing this, I’m still laughing,” said Bresadola.

  Bresadola has been voted #1 Psychic Reader by GigMasters, a major booking company for psychic readers and magicians.

  He has traveled around the world and performs for college students, casinos and private parties.

  Bresadola has also received special recognition from Verizon Wireless, United Postal Service, and the United States Marines.

  With finals just around the corner, the event allowed students to relax and laugh with their friends.

  UPB will be hosting a late-night breakfast and a study hour at the Galley in preparation for finals Sunday Dec. 2 from 11:59 p.m. to 2 a.m.