Club of the Week- Armstrong Gamers Guild

Gamers Guild officers and members celebrating Horrorfest 2018 last semester. Courtesy of Michael Perry.

   Are you interested in meeting new people on campus who enjoy playing video games as much as you? Join the club Gamers Guild!

   Gamers Guild President Michael Perry says the club is for “gamers of all kinds to come together to learn from and experience new things with games as a focal point.”

   The games they usually play range from Magic the Gathering, to Super Smash Brothers, to even NERF wars outside!

   The weekly meetings start off with a themed educational segment which are then followed by the club announcements. Then members are free to play whichever game of their choosing. Since the club officers can only provide so many consoles and controllers, members are encouraged to bring their own games, consoles, and TVs to use. Ground rules are set in place to make sure nobody’s equipment gets damaged and everyone can enjoy themselves.

   If you are interested in joining, you can attend their meetings from 6 pm – 11 pm on Monday nights in Solms Hall 108 and 110. The group is open to all students above 18.

   If you like playing Dungeons and Dragons, the Gamers Guild also meets every Friday night at the same time and place to play with all those who are interested.