Breakfast meets burritos: Area food truck expands to brick-and-mortar

Julia Fechter

The Brunner Burritos and Bowls food truck is well known in Statesboro for its take on Caribbean-meets-Tex-Mex cuisine. Now, the business’s owners will be opening a permanent location to complement the food truck.

One of the owners, Imani Augusma of Savannah, revealed via Facebook on Monday that the Caribbean-meets-Tex-Mex food business will be opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant called Mom’s Kitchen.

Augusma talked to The George-Anne Reflector about the details of the business’s new venture.

The new location

She explained how the permanent location was a goal when she first opened the food truck.

“I didn’t want to stop there…I wanted to offer this food in a location where people could sit down and eat and not have to take it to-go,” Augusma said.

The restaurant, called Mom’s Kitchen, will be located at 3129 U.S. 1 in Twin City, Georgia, next to the . Twin City is about a 30 minute drive northwest of Statesboro.

“What I loved most about this location is that it’s right off the interstate,” Augusma said. “It’s right off of exit 90 on I-16.”

Augusma explained that even though Twin City is a smaller town like Statesboro, she is not dissuaded. Mom’s Kitchen would be serving people going to the nearby East Georgia State College and Southeastern Technical College, as well as area truckers.

“…If I was able to grow the name in Statesboro, I can definitely grow the name here in Twin City,” Augusma said.

As far as the opening goes, Augusma expects to have the soft opening for Mom’s Kitchen the week of March 4, with the grand opening happening after that.

Menu additions

The Mom’s Kitchen menu will feature items from the food truck menu, along with more home-style cuisine. Augusma listed items such as fried chicken, pork chops, chicken tenders, sandwiches and salads as dishes they wanted to start offering at the restaurant.

She added that the restaurant will also have breakfast options, including biscuits and breakfast plates.

“We’re going to be open from five o’clock in the morning until 10 p.m…because we gotta feed the truck drivers,” Augusma said.

Applications open

Augusma also mentioned how they would be hiring crew members to help with staffing the food truck and the restaurant.

“With a crew member, you help where the crew needs you,” Augusma said, “so if we need help in the food truck, then somebody that’s in the restaurant will go in the food truck. If we need help in the restaurant, it’s the same concept.”

People interested in applying can still apply. The food truck’s Facebook page provided a link to the Google Form application.

Augusma explained that one of the people who works with her now is her business partner and fiancé, Ryan Brunner. The duo often tag team efforts in the food truck.

“I do a lot of the cooking, and he’s the master of wrapping burritos,” Augusma said.

She noted that when the restaurant opens, one of them will stay there while the other works in the food truck.

She said, “It’s going to be an adjustment, but we always get the job done.”