Minds Stay Active Through Self-Care

Lila Miller, Arts & Entertainment Editor

In the last of a series of Active Minds meetings, last week the group hosted a mental wellness day just before the crunch time of final exam week.

An informational photo for self-care. Photo from the Active Minds newsletter.

Active Minds is a nation-wide action and advocacy group for student mental health.

The mental wellness day was held in Gamble 106 on April 18. The room was packed beyond capacity with mostly women and several extra chairs needed to be found in order to seat everyone comfortably.

The workshop served as a way to help students and others fully grasp the meaning of mental wellness through the perspective of self-care. What is self-care? What does it mean to perform acts of self-care?

The chapter’s mediators asked participants what they thought self-care meant to them. Answers ranged from “checking yourself,” “getting out of a slump,” to doing the hard things first to care for your future self by avoiding procrastinating and the stress that comes along.

The mediators explained that mental health and wellness encompasses our emotional, psychological and social well-being. Acts of self-care help people recharge their emotional batteries and cope with the stressors of daily life.

Participants also played pictionary and discussed the different ways they manage stress. Attendees were also given goodie bags filled with cozy socks, bath bombs, eye-masks and resources to aid in coping with stress and mental health.  

The event capped off a successful spring semester and the Active Minds chapter looks forward to the next coming school year, but they need help.

Executive positions that need to be filled include Vice President, Secretary, Event Coordinator and Treasurer. For more information about Armstrong’s Active Minds chapter, or to apply to become an officer, email them at activemindsarmstrong@gmail.com or call (912) 662-9635.