Spring 2019 Graduating Seniors Profiles

Here’s a spotlight on a few seniors that will be graduating this weekend. Congratulations!


Stanton's Pick 2 (Ayman Baryabas)

Ayman Bagabas

Major- Computer Science

Well…first, I’m very excited about graduation.You know, it’s been a four-year journey, and it’s come to an end. I’ve been waiting for this moment for—for four years. That’s a lot man. It’s four years of my life, at Armstrong.



Stanton's Pick 1 (Megan Daughtrey)

Megan Daughtrey

Major- Computer Science

I’m very glad that I stayed here. The people I’ve met—the things I’ve learned—my teachers that I had pushed me to be where I am now, and without them I wouldn’t be here.


Southern Ambassador photo

Bianca Lindsay

Major- Theatre-Performance Track

I am most excited about leaving Savannah and applying what I learned in class to

receive a job in post-grad life.




Lauren Crisp

Major- English Communications

I loved my time on the Armstrong campus, particularly due to the faculty I have had the

pleasure to study under while here. I’m pretty sure I owe the LLP faculty in Gamble my

soul along with my diploma. I really had no idea what I wanted to do when I entered

 college, and I was lucky enough to have professors who were willing to take the time to

mentor me.



Alazay Streeter

Theatre-Management Track

I had a great time during my time at Armstrong. I was introduced to some of the most

amazing people and I’ve had so many great experiences.