Students Give Thoughts on Hurrication

Rachel Hammond, Staff Writer

Hurricane Dorian was predicted to hit Savannah last week on Sept. 4. As many already know, Savannah was placed under mandatory evacuation by Governor Kemp.

Residence halls were shut down on the Armstrong campus. Students were advised to return to their hometowns, otherwise transport to Statesboro campus would be  provided.

While there was rain and strong winds, the storm passed over Savannah. Many people were disappointed to have evacuated for no reason, but Kassidy Stefanski, an RA for Windward Commons, said, “It’s better safe than sorry.”

Concerning what she did during the “hurrication,” Stefanski said, “I went home to South Carolina. Nothing really happened. There was rain and it was pretty windy. It knocked some moss out of the trees and I think it probably knocked some trees down. Also probably erosion to the coast line.” 

Tyler Syvan lives off-campus. He said, “I stayed home. I’m from Florida so hurricanes are no big deal. I just stayed in and played cards with the guys.” 

Laquandra Bundrage, junior, said, “I’m from Warrenton, GA. I evacuated because I live on campus and we had to. I went back home; my hometown is near Augusta so we didn’t even have any rain.” 

Like others, Bundrage was pleased to have a week off from school: “I enjoyed my week off. I was actually hoping they’d cancel classes, I just didn’t think it’d be the whole week. But I didn’t mind.”

Professors were required to provide online activities during the cancellation. About this, Stefanski said, “I didn’t mind the work they sent us. It was better than being in class. But I am glad to be back.”

It has not yet been announced whether or not we will have make up class days for the days that were missed. The George-Anne Inkwell Edition will keep you updated.