Katie Sparks, Alejandra Gonzalez-Galan, Yilnette Morales, Spencer DeMink, McKenzie Peterman, Tyler Tyack, Jade Reynolds, Jordan Stevenson, Sophia Lopez and Alicia Kovach at Monday’s SGA meeting. Photo by MICHELLE LOPEZ

Jason Chapman, Staff Writer

SGA held a Parking Services Town Hall as part of their meeting on Sept. 9. 

Several concerns regarding parking at the Armstrong Campus were brought up. Including the problem of having more faculty parking than needed on Burnett Blvd. 

“It’s just that there’s an overwhelming number of empty spaces there that’s not used, at least this semester that I’ve seen,” brought up student Sean White while speaking to Director of Parking Services Derrick Davis.  

Davis went on to say that only one quarter of the parking spaces offered on Burnett Blvd. are for faculty and staff. 

Another topic that was brought up was citations. 

Speaker Tyler Tyack addressed Davis bringing up the fact that citation warnings are almost non-existent. 

First year students are rarely given warnings, and just get a $30 citation instead. 

Now students are allowed to appeal these citations, but currently there are about 600 appeals being sifted through at Parking Services. 

However if you do appeal your first parking ticket it will more than likely get resolved. 

It should also be noted that students can park anywhere on campus after 4 p.m. and not be ticketed. 

SGA holds weekly meetings at 12:15 p.m. on Mondays in Student Union Ballroom A.