SGA Inducts New Members


Alejandra Gonzalez-Galan, Yilnette Morales, Brian Kohler, Spencer DeMink and Tyler Tyack begin the tasks for the day. Photo by Jason Chapman.

 Jason Chapman, Staff Writer

The SGA inducted six new senators on Sept.16. As the newly appointed senators took their seats, veteran senators looked on in approval. 

Executive Vice President (EVP) Spencer DeMink lead them to the center of the room. The senators raised their right hands, and repeated the oath that DeMink read out to them. 

Among the newly inducted members were James Hamilton, Haley Briggs, Farren Smith, Camryn Ennis, Margaret Calandra and Maddie Foster. After finding their seats and meeting with the leaders of their committees the senators quickly got to work with the SGA’s weekly agenda. 

EVP Spencer DeMink swears in Maddie Foster. Photo by Alecia Kovach.

Another member was also added to the SGA ranks. There was a motion soon after to appoint Louis Miller to the position of Vice President of Alumni and Veteran Affairs. Miller is a peer mentor at Georgia Southern and served in the military for 5 years. 

Miller was given a chance to stand up and make some remarks before being sworn in, “Just ready to get after it,” Miller said. 

After Miller addressed everyone DeMink said “In my opinion, he’s a great fit.” All three motions to approve the new members went through without any objections. When the induction ended the SGA got back to business with their newly appointed senators.