Messages of Hope- You Matter

Kee’Ara Smith, Staff Writer

Student affairs kicked off National Suicide Prevention Week with the Messages of Hope event. Students and faculty were able to pin ribbons and paint rocks that displayed uplifting messages. The event took place outside on Sept. 19 under the bridge of the Science Center.

“Many lives have been touched by suicide and I feel like it was great for an organization to bring it to light and makes not just students but people aware of an important issue,” says junior Heather Clint.

The rocks came in all shapes and sizes and the members of the Counseling Center provided more than enough colors for students to use. The messages ranged from “You matter” to “Never give up.” 

 Students were given the option to keep the rock they created or leave the rock for someone who might feel more inspired by it.

For the rocks that are left with the Counseling Center, they will be placed along the fountain in the Residential Plaza. Students can then view the rocks they created and still take one if it speaks out to them.

National Suicide Prevention Week lasted until Sept. 19. You can find more information on the GSU website or email