Fall 2019 Farmer’s Market


Photo by Rachel Hammond.

Rachel Hammond, Staff Writer

Every semester, the Armstrong campus hosts a farmers’ market outside of the Student Union. This is an opportunity for students and faculty to interact with local artisans and sellers. Several of the tables featured food as well as hand-crafted jewelry.

Le Café Gourmet had a table displaying several different French treats, such as chocolate croissants and baker’s pizzas. Angela Yeoel, who was operating the table, was also offering samples of sugary and flakey croissants.

“Everything is baked fresh in our kitchens,” Yeoel said as students gathered to take a sample.

Le Café Gourmet is open seven days a week and is located on Montgomery Street.

Le Café Gourmet and Angela Yeoel. Photo by Rachel Hammond.

Jarquita Arrington, a Savannah local, was displaying her own line of products specially for natural hair. “I’ve actually been making my own products for six years,” Arrington said. “My linen closet was full of nothing but hair products because I would buy something and I would be like ‘My hair hates this!’ So, I decided to start making my own products.” Arrington’s line, Naptural Oasis, can be found at the Naptural Oasis website, Facebook, and Instagram (@Naptural_Oasis).

Jarquita Arrington and her line Naptual Oasis. Photo by Rachel Hammond.

Students all around recognized the King of Pops cart, a staple of Savannah events. “I always get a popsicle from you guys,” one student told the man behind the cart (presumably the King of Pops himself).

Those who have attended previous Armstrong farmers’ markets will have remembered Rosemary Bell, who has been attending for the last three years. Bell’s table featured a variety of jewelry made with crystals, rocks and even bone. “I shop around; I like to shop,” Bell joked when asked where she collected her materials.

Rosemary Bell and her wears. Photo by Rachel Hammond.

Another familiar shop, A Little Cattywampus, was also in attendance. Lynn Wiginton was there to show off a variety of their products, but they are most well-known for their dog collars and bandanas. Each collar is handmade using heavy duty thread. The collars are meant to last longer than ordinary collars while also expressing your dog’s personality. Those interested can visit A Little Cattywampus’ website to purchase online.

A Little Cattywampus was flocked with some of Coastal Therapy Dogs’ dogs. Coastal Therapy Dogs frequents the Armstrong campus on Worry Free Wednesdays, so among the familiar vendors were also familiar pooches!