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Some of the works by Professor John Jensen. Photo by Rachel Hammond.

Art Department Hosts Bi-Annual Pottery Sale

Rachel Hammond, Staff Writer

“We’ve been doing this thirty years!” said Professor John Jensen when about the Art Department’s bi-annual pottery sale.

Each semester, students in ceramics classes have the opportunity to share their work with potential customers and curious crowds.

As for the inspiration behind the event, Jensen says its main goal is to “give people incentive to make good quality pottery and have a little experience with what it’s like to actually sell some.”

“A lot of the pieces here are done by ceramics students here in the ceramics studio. That ranges from people who are just starting out or people who’ve been doing this for 20+ years,” Kimberly Barron, a Fine Arts major said.

A portion of the money raised from the sales goes to the pottery scholarship fund.

“It helps us provide travel money to go to specific ceramic events,” Barron said.

Additionally, it helps provide supplies to ceramic students.

As far as the unsold pieces, “they go back to the student or person who made the pottery or they can donate it to the ceramics studio to use it for next semester’s pottery sales,” Barron said.

Barron is currently working on a life-sized Buddha sculpture that she calls “Bad Buddha” and has a three-eyed cat sculpture in an art show in California.

The Art Department has a few events coming up including Raku Pizza Night in April where students can enjoy dinner and watch the Raku method of pottery-making.