SAE’s Ready to CHOMP!


Rebecca Munday, Staff Writer

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) hosted their “Thousand-Dollar Cookout” today on the front steps of the Student Union from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The cookout was open to everyone, even if they were not interested in Greek life. 

“This is just to get everyone hyped up,” Spencer DeMink, a junior in the political science program, said. “It’s a kickoff for our chapter rush week.”

Students got their fill to eat at this cookout. SAE  filled the tables with food. 

“It’s a whole meal,” says DeMink. “We have burgers, chips, beans, if you like beans, and cookies, we’ve got cookies, too.” 

SAE hosted the recruitment for a president for the Lettuce Club, a new addition to the student organizations on campus. 

“Lettuce Club is where everyone gets a head of lettuce, and whoever finishes their head of lettuce first, becomes the president of Lettuce Club,” DeMink said. 

When the Lettuce Club contest finishes, “The president of Lettuce Club schedules the next meeting of Lettuce Club a year in advance.” DeMink said.