Local Artist Spotlight: James “Double Dutch” Kimble’s Black Holocaust Memorial

Video and Article by Carson Dover


James “Double Dutch” Kimble is a folk artist from Savannah Georgia. His most famous piece is called the “Black Holocaust Memorial,” which is located in the alley across from the Shop N Go off East Broad St. in downtown Savannah, GA. Mr. Kimble started building the piece in 2002 in response to the “African American Family Memorial” on River St., which he feels does not properly represent slaves and their history in Savannah. “I made this one for the kids in the neighborhood, even if that was the right way it was supposed to be on River St., they still wouldn’t be able to come out of here and go down there,” said Mr. Kimble.

Throughout his time working on the memorial he has endured things like SCAD students destroying a part of it and even vandalism by random people on the streets. Nothing has ever stopped Mr. Kimble from continuing to rebuild the memorial and create art. He was even awarded a certificate of appreciation by the city in June of 2018 and his memorial is formally recognized as a museum in Savannah.