Georgia Southern University Welcomes You!


By: Rebecca Munday, Editor

Georgia Southern University wants to welcome new and returning students to campus with their Weeks of Welcome this week and the next. The goals of these events are for students to form or grow their social and professional networks, identify the resources and services of the university, participate in new experiences, better understand the expectations of the university, and grow school pride. 

These events will also give students an opportunity to win prizes. Students are encouraged to go to as many of these events as possible and get their student ID scanned at every event. The more events a student attends the greater the chance of winning prizes. 

There are nearly forty events that Armstrong students can participate in. For the safety of students, about two dozen of the events will be hosted on campus and the rest of the events will be hosted virtually through digital conference media, such as Zoom or Google Meet. 

For more details about all the events offered during Georgia Southern’s Weeks of Welcome, visit