Eagles Engage is the new MyInvolvement


By Rebecca Munday, Editor

Eagle Engage became the new MyInvolvement on Nov. 2. Eagle Engage can also be found in the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal but it has several new features.

Students will still be able to look up student organizations by type and category. Students can also search events and track the ones they have been to through Eagle Engage.

Eagle Engage also has a new mobile app compatible with Apple and Google operating systems.

“The launch on November 2nd will include the first phase of Eagle Engage, with additional components being added in the next few months,” Melanie Miller, Associate Vice President for Student Success, said.

Student organization profiles, event postings, event participation tracking and community service hours will all be included in the initial release.

Updates will include opportunities to earn skills, achievement recognition, and more,

With Eagle Engage, students can build a “co-curricular transcript” that includes a history of their involvement on campus, which can include student organizations they participated in, leadership roles they held or skills they obtained.

Students who use Eagle Engage can compile service hours they completed, the organizations they participate in, and the events they attended, and the other experiences they gained in their student profile.

When students graduate, they can choose the information they want to include in their co-curricular transcription. An Eagle Engage Administrator will verify the transcript and the student will receive a digital link to it. Students can add this link to their LinkedIn page.

“Potential employers, and even graduate schools, can see the skills and competencies that the student has developed, beyond their academic program, and this can be what sets that person apart from others being considered for the same position,” Miller said.

In addition to the co-curricular transcript, students will have opportunities to receive recognition for the development of skills in certain areas such as obtaining a Leadership Certificate or Career Readiness Experience. “Experiences can be reflected in the student profile – much like a badging system,” Miller said.

Students who want more information or have questions should email EagleEngage@georgiasouthern.edu.