I read Biden’s executive orders, so you don’t have to

Kevin Davoud, Correspondent

During his first 6 days in office, President Biden released over 30 executive orders aimed at various social, economic, and public health concerns. Here are some of his most notable orders:

Federal Student Loans: Biden ordered a freeze on payments for federal student loans, saying, “Americans are struggling to pay for basic necessities and to provide for their families.”

Racial Equity: Biden signed an order to conduct assessments of government agencies in order to benefit those who are “historically underserved, marginalized and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality.”

Transgender Military Ban: Biden ordered a repeal of the ban on transgender individuals in the military, stating there would be, “no discharges and denials of reenlistment or continuation of service on the basis of gender identity or under circumstances relating to their gender identity.”

Climate: Biden ordered a cancellation of the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, a 1,200 mile pipeline used to import oil from Canada which has been controversial for cutting through indigenous land.

Travel Restrictions: Biden reordered a travel ban on non-US citizens from Europe, Brazil, and South Africa where a new strand of COVID-19 was recently discovered.