GS students score big in global competition

GS students proved they could make a deal to anyone – even a machine


Kevin Davoud, Correspondent

A group Georgia Southern sales students placed in the top percent of over 2000 global competitors at the RNMKRS (pronounced Rainmakers) College Sales Skills Competition after spending their fall semester exercising their marketing skills on Alex, an AI robot.

Alex allowed students to apply their studies from the angle of real-world application through RNMKRS technology on their phone that listens, responds, and provides detailed feedback to sales pitches.

“When I first started the process, in all honesty, I was concerned I wasn’t prepared,” said Hannah Peterman, GS’ 3rd place winner, “As I encountered each new situation in RNMKRS, I realized just how many selling and marketing scenarios we had covered and how to respond to each.”

Competitors addressed a multitude of unique scenarios to build rapport in sales communication while also gaining numerous network opportunities with companies like Dell, Gartner and YRC Worldwide.

“Any time you can get students to be interactive, work in teams for an end, learn and have fun learning, the activity is successful,” said Linda Mullen, director of the Center for Sales Excellence, “Our partners for our Center for Sales Excellence love our sales students because the students have grit.”