Things You Probably Don’t Hear Enough


Alexis Hampton, Managing Editor

When was the last time someone said something nice to you? Or something you felt like you really needed to hear? It’s probably been a while. On that same note, when was the last time you told someone something you wish you heard more often? Sometimes, it’s really easy to feel under-appreciated or to lose motivation. In fact, it’s really common to feel that way nowadays–especially among the younger generation. As people, we need to do a better job of encouraging one another. You never know how helpful it can be for someone to hear some kind words. So, here are some things you probably don’t hear enough. If you haven’t heard any of these in a while, make sure you pay it forward and tell someone else.

I Love You
This is a phrase we definitely take for granted. I’m not talking about “love you” or “love ya.” I mean the real deal: “I love you,” all the way through. That “I” is important. I wouldn’t doubt that you’ve said it to your significant other or your family especially, now that you’re off to school. What about your friends? It’s easy to assume that they already know you love them, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them ever so often. Yes, actions do speak louder than words, but that doesn’t mean the words don’t hold any value. If you’re constantly showing people you love them, it’s not too much to remind them with your words.

I Believe In You
This one speaks for itself. Believe in yourself, and if you haven’t told your loved ones recently, tell them that you believe in them. I can guarantee you that they need to hear it as much as you do.

You Have Plenty of Time
We have got to stop stressing ourselves out trying to do as much as possible in the smallest amount of time. That won’t do anything more than drive you nuts. Take your time. You have so much of it. Everyone has their own timeline. Don’t worry about anyone else’s but your own. So what if you get a four-year degree in six years? That’s okay! Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not.

Your Feelings Are Valid
What you feel will always matter, regardless of what people think. You are the only person that has to live with you for the rest of your life. Do you really want to spend that time being a giant ball of bottled up feelings and emotions? Let your feelings out and allow yourself to bask in your emotions, because you deserve it, and don’t let anyone bully you into thinking that your feelings don’t matter.

You Are Beautiful
You are an amazing human being and you are beautiful on the inside and outside. Don’t live your life drowning in your own insecurities and don’t let society change the way you see yourself. There is no one like you, so there is no one that can be compared to you. You’re the most beautiful you that there is.

I’m Proud of You
I can’t even begin to explain how important this one is. In today’s society, people’s standards and expectations are so high for everything. It becomes more and more difficult every day to feel like we’re good enough. You’re taught all your life that “you could always be doing more” or “there’s always room for improvement” and that is true–but sometimes you just need to hear that someone is proud of what you’re already doing. You want to hear that they’re proud of the improvements that you’ve already made. You want to hear that they’re proud of you for trying, even if you fail.

I know that things might be overwhelming right now and we are all under a lot of pressure for different reasons, but remember these things. You may not hear them enough, but they are true and they always will be.