2021 Intramural Season Begins Despite Pandemic


Duncan Sligh, Staff Writer

The 2021 Armstrong Intramural season kicked off this past week, with the Campus Recreation and Intramurals (CRI) department offering three different events.

Students were welcome to participate in three athletic events, including a Ping Pong tournament, a Spikeball event, and a Three Point Shooting contest. Through these athletic events, Armstrong remains a place where athletic competition is welcomed despite the challenging circumstances. 

Despite social distancing protocols, the Three Point contest was certainly a highlight of the week. Students had a great turnout at the event, with the signup list filling up soon after it was offered to the contestants. Anybody who has tried working out while wearing a thick face mask knows that it can be a challenge, but the athletes were up to the task.

Competition was stiff, with the first tournament going through more than one tie before student Michael Keiser eventually took home round one. 

The excitement continued into the second round, with several contestants catching a hot streak or two before Travis Gordon won a tie-breaker against fellow student Markell Miller. This may have been simply a fun intramural competition, but it stood as a great way for students to let off some steam early in the semester while remaining safe and following social distancing protocols. 

Athletic events remain popular, and will continue to attract students while they remain the primary option to participate in organized competition. The CRI team at Armstrong wants to continue to provide new events as the year progresses. Much of the event schedule depends on what the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 look like later in the year, especially in Savannah and the surrounding areas. Large-scale events may be impossible for the foreseeable future, but there is a real possibility of some exciting intramural events showing up in the coming months. 

There may be reason to be cautiously optimistic about the future of intramural sports on campus, but like all things so far, absolutely nothing is guaranteed. Plans can change at any moment, especially when they directly involve and affect groups of students and faculty members. Students want to compete, and the Intramural staff wants to let them compete in as many ways as possible. 

Nickel kickball, an event that was very popular in the Fall semester, looks for a return in the Spring. The limited number of participants, combined with the outdoor setting makes for an ideal event open to a wide variety of interested students. Other events, such as three-on-three basketball, may eventually be achievable, but that still remains to be seen. 

Students are highly encouraged to suggest any ideas they have for safe and fun intramural events. The CRI team are always looking for suggestions, and the next big pandemic-style intramural event could come from anyone.

Anybody with an idea should seek out any staff member working in the Armstrong Recreation Center (ARC) and let them know. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next Intramural announcements coming soon.