Cards for Kids

The Armstrong Chapter of Phi Mu Decorates Valentine’s Day Cards for Hospitalized Children


Phi Mu members decorating cards

Rebecca Munday, Managing Editor

Phi Mu decorated cards for patients in the Children’s Miracle Network hospital on Feb. 2 as part of their philanthropic outreach. 

“We typically will do hospital visits, but because we can’t do that, I’ve had to get pretty creative,” Bailey Strickland, the philanthropy chair of Phi Mu sorority, said. Instead, Strickland and the other members of the sorority made cards a chain of encouraging words for the children at Children’s Miracle Network.

Some of the cards also went to Memorial Health, which used to be part of the Children’s Miracle Network. However, most of the cards went to the Children’s Miracle Network hospital in Augusta because that is the closest hospital to campus. Phi Mu started working with Children’s Miracle Network in the 1980s and is the only sorority working with them. 

A stack of finished Valentine’s Day cards

The participants were told they could write encouraging words and bible verses as well as draw pictures, but they were encouraged to stay away from the words “Get Well Soon” because that will not be a reality for some of the children. 

To ensure the safety of the participants at the event and their families and friends, they required participants to wear face masks and set out a bottle of hand sanitizer. Before the event, they conducted temperature checks and sanitized the tables before the event. 

“We tried to book a bigger room but they wouldn’t let us,” Strickland said. They wanted to host the event to introduce girls who were new to the sorority to the philanthropy that they do. “To teach them a little bit about what we do and get them involved in it,” Strickland said. 

“[This event helps] give people an opportunity to learn about our philanthropy and what it means to us. And to do something nice for children who have unfortunate circumstances,” Erika Fahy said, a junior in the art program, who helped host the event. 

Bailey Strickland, the philanthropy chair of Phi Mu sorority, adding to the chain of encouraging words

“It makes you feel good, but it makes you think about it,” Strickland said.

“I wanted to come because it’s supporting a really good cause…We know how happy it’s going to make these kids,” Emily Rohan said, a sophomore in the radiology program.

“I just think it’s a really great way to show the kids we’re thinking about them and give them some joy during Valentine’s Day,” Lydia Chillis said, a sophomore in the radiology program. 

Phi Mu also supports the The Phi Mu Organization, which was founded in 1957. The organization provides scholarships and emergency funding for members of the sorority and is the only organization that supports itself and its members.