People of GS: Gabriel Montero

Meet Gabriel Montero. He is a senior in Computer Information Systems.

What is your outlook for the future?

“Right now, I am focusing on graduating. I am a senior, so I graduate in December. I only have like 25 credits left, so I’m going to take classes full time this summer with 18 credits. After that, I want to find a job as an IOS developer. I want to program apps, so if I find a good company that works on those kinds of projects then I can get a job there to gain experience. What I really want for myself is to run my own IT company where we can develop apps, websites, and have several programmers and designers. Yeah, I want to run my own company in the future.”


What’s the happiest moment of your life?

“When my dad got cured of cancer. He got cancer, and I felt like I was dying. I got really sad and worried, but he fought through it and got cured completely. It was like thank God, I was really happy.”