Spring Break Staycation Ideas


Alexis Hampton, Managing Editor

Spring break is right around the corner and COVID is…..still COVID. I’m not judging if you want to go on vacation over break, but I completely understand if you want to stay home. But you stayed home all summer. I’m sure by now you’ve run out of things to do to keep you severe boredom. Fear not. Here are a few ideas for stuff you can do while you’re on staycation.


Binge a new tv show

I wouldn’t doubt that you did this a million times during quarantine, but there are so many shows out there. I know you haven’t watched all of them. Sign up for a free trial on a streaming service and get busy. Watch something that would never be your first choice. Ask your followers on social media for suggestions. Heck, you could even try a random TV show generator on Google. 


Have a picnic

If the weather is right, you can take yourself on the ultimate picnic. It’s a great way to date yourself and take some time to get to know yourself. It’s important that we know what it’s like to be by ourselves and that we can enjoy being alone. So, get all your favorite foods from restaurants around town and enjoy the beautiful sunny rays on your skin while you pig out. Just try to stay away from antbeds. 


Play on a playground

Looking to get in touch with your inner child? This is the one for you. Honestly, we need to normalize adult playgrounds, but until that happens, you’ll have to use the ones for kids. No pushing, no shoving, and wait for your turn on the slide, but go have fun. There’s no feeling more nostalgic than swinging on the monkey bars. Just remember, you’re probably bigger than you were the last time you were on the monkey bars, so it’s okay to hang for a couple seconds and move on to something else.


Movie marathon

I’m not going to lie. This one takes commitment. Are you up for the challenge? Good. So, here’s what you do. Pick a day for your marathon. Decide what time you’re going to wake up and stick to it. When you wake up, the first 30 minutes of the day is for preparation. Have your bags of popcorn laid out near the microwave. Pre-order all your food from Doordash or whatever you use. After the thirty minutes is up, start your marathon. Only pause in an emergency and bathroom breaks are only allowed during the credit. Or you could just leisurely watch movies throughout the day. It’s up to you.


Go to the pool

If you’re not going to go to the beach, you deserve to be immersed in some body of water, and the bathtub isn’t the same. Seems like a pool is the next best thing. It’s a part of the spring break experience. You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice everything because of COVID. Just make sure you’re being safe and cautious. Plus, you can still socially distance in a pool. But try not to get hit on.


DIY spa day

It can’t hurt to have yourself a nice little self care moment. Spend the day pampering yourself. It’ll hardly cost you anything if you get your essentials from Walmart. You can get bath salts for a lovely spa bath experience. You have to do a face mask with cucumbers on your eyes so you can feel like you’re in a movie. Wear nothing but the plushest of robes the entire day. And most importantly, don’t answer to anyone but yourself. You can turn your phone on do not disturb and tell everyone that you live with not to bother you for the day. It’ll be pure bliss.