Juried 2021 Undergraduate Exhibition Photo Story

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  • Juried 2021 Undergraduate Exhibition

  • On March 2-9, the Juried 2021 Undergraduate Exhibition is open in the Arts building.

  • Syrin Webb Johnson Dionysus Welcomes Another Trans Boy, 2021 Graphite on paper

  • “I like the classical theme with a modern idea, I also like that it’s such a beautiful drawing…on this simple paper.” says visiting student, Sophia Perez, of Syrin Webb Johnson’s graphite drawing.

  • Digital artforms, such as Global Warming by Carlos Carvajal, are also on display in this gallery.

  • Among the different artforms, there are a handful of screen printed pieces such as this one by Kristin Johnson titled, Do Not Disturb.

  • This piece is an example of another type of art that is displayed in this gallery. This altered book was created by McKayla Hedtke.

  • On one of the walls, rests a mixed media collage created by Abigail Rodriguez-Colon about her thoughts on quarantine and the corona virus.

  • This sculpture, titled Duck Boot was created by Raybon Anderson from stoneware, 6 oxidation, and glaze.

  • The exhibit features art in many different forms and styles. This piece by Juliana Tillman, titled Inequality meets his mirror, has been created from ceramics and acrylic.

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