Ditch your newbie status: Things to do in the S-A-V

By Rachael Flora, Arts and Entertainment Editor

So you’re new in town, and you want to ditch your newbie status. But it seems like the only thing to do here is go on a ghost tour or eat with Ms. Deen. “That can’t be all there is here!” you say. Never fear, young one: there’s so much more to see and do. Let us show you the way, and you’ll be cruising downtown like a local in no time.

Eat like a local:

Kayak Kafé (1 E Broughton St and 5002 Paulsen St) claims to have the best tacos in town, and based on the Southwestern Wild Shrimp Tacos, we’re pretty sure they’re right.

Zunzi’s (108 E York St) and Zunzi’s 2 (9 Drayton St) boast the Godfather, one of the most respected sandwiches in town. The York location is walk-through only, so go to the Drayton restaurant if you want to sit down.

The Coffee Fox (102 W Broughton St) is the perfect alternative to Starbucks and can boast that Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth visited a few years back. An Eye Opener and a cream cheese kolache is a great way to start the day.

The 5 Spot (4430 Habersham St) has an impressively large variety of food for every meal of the day, as well as Extended Breakfast from 11 to 2. It’s the perfect place for brunch with bae.

A true Southside treasure, Jalapeno’s (8840 Abercorn St) is the place to go for Taco Tuesdays. Be sure to come back on your 21st for a huge sombrero and a free shot of tequila.

Lovin’ Spoons (7400 Abercorn St) is a frozen yogurt shop with a 1970s theme. Disco and froyo might be the best combination ever.

If you’re really into the ghost thing, Moon River Brewing Company (21 W Bay St) might be your best bet, since there’s allegedly a ghost living there. Plus, their Fried Green Tomatoes are better than your grandma’s.

Stuff to do:

Thrifters, take note: Civvies (22 E Broughton St) has plenty of vintage clothes, from cat vests to prom dresses to bolo ties.

If you’re a fan of all things Parisian, the Paris Market (36 W Broughton St) will be your paradise. After shopping, go to Papillote (218 W Broughton St) for your French food fix. No escargot, sorry.

Graveface Records and Curiosities (5 W 40th St) is more than just a record store. Its owner runs a record label as well, and the artists sometimes put on shows at the store. As for the Curiosities, it’s got a pretty good selection of those, from preserved bugs to old horror films and anything else you could imagine.

Planet Fun (127 E Broughton St) and Morning Star Games (30 W Montgomery Crossroads) are two of the best places for gamers of all kinds. Once you’ve picked up your haul, take it to the Guild Hall (615 Montgomery St) to play it with fellow gamers in a delightfully nerdy environment.

If you’re legal, try the Jinx (127 W Congress St) or Hang Fire (37 Whitaker St), two bars that consistently book good musicians. For those with a propensity for karaoke, try the Rail Pub (405 W Congress St).

Forsyth Park is the perfect place to spend a nice day outside. Bring your dogs and soccer balls, let your kids play at the playground, or just sit by the fountain. The Sentient Bean (13 E Park Ave) is right next door for your snack and coffee break.

Tybee Island is 45 minutes away, so make it worth the drive and go to Huc A Poos (1213 U.S. 80) or North Beach Grill (33 Meddin Drive) while you’re there. But that’s kind of all Tybee has to offer by way of attractions, so bring your own entertainment.

The Oglethorpe Mall (7804 Abercorn St) is the “good mall.” But the Savannah Mall (14045 Abercorn St) has Target and Cold Stone. Your call.