Georgia Southern officials announce 27 positive COVID-19 ahead of its twelfth week


Mitch Smith, Managing Editor for Print

STATESBORO — Georgia Southern officials reported a week of increased positive COVID-19 cases, reporting 27 cases during the eleventh week of this spring semester.

After completing the eleventh full week of classes in the spring semester, “After completing the tenth full week of classes in the Spring semester, the report below indicates a continued decrease of total cases from the previous week with 6 university-confirmed cases and 12 self-reported cases last week” said a disclaimer on the GS’ reporting website.

COVID-19 Analysis 

  • Total positive cases (ninth week): 27
  • University confirmed: eight
  • Self reported: 19
  • Students: 25
  • Employees: two
  • Statesboro campus: 17
  • Armstrong campus: nine
  • Liberty campus: one