Opinion: Why I am voting for Brian Kemp

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  • Blaine Salter is the chairman of the Georgia Southern College Republicans. Salter discusses why he is voting for Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp and other republican candidates.

I want to start by saying how important it is to get out and vote. Since fall of 2017, I have voted in each election no matter if it was a ballot with one question or a ballot full of candidates.

Each election, we face important decisions that will affect not only us but future generations as well. I believe that elections aren’t about the past but about the future.

That’s why I will be casting my vote for Brian Kemp, Congressman Allen, and all the Republican candidates down the ballot on Nov. 6.

The main reason why I’m voting for Brian Kemp is his plan for rural Georgia. Brian Kemp’s education in agriculture and experience in agri-business reassures me that people in South Georgia will have a voice under the Gold Dome.

Brian understands that in order for our great state to prosper we must grow together in both Metro Atlanta and rural areas including South Georgia. His plans to improve health care, education and the economy will make South Georgia a better place to live and to do business. Since he has so much detail in plans, I suggest that you visit www.KempForGovernor.com to see how he will strengthen all parts of our state.

The main reason I’m voting for Congressman Allen is his work on education. As a member of the House Education and Workforce Committee, Congressman Allen understands that education and workforce go hand and hand together. In fact, one of the first pieces of legislation that he crafted on that committee was the “Every Student Succeeds Act”.

This law reduces the federal role of K-12 education and strengthens education by returning the power to the parent and the local school systems. He also played an important role in The Strengthen Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act that President Trump signed into law earlier in August of this year.

The Strengthen Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act connects our businesses and students that want to pursue a career path in technical programs. This new law will have lasting impacts in years to come in this country.

The election is on Nov. 6 and early voting is until Nov. 2. I have done my part and I encourage you to do yours!