Facebook Marketplace buyers and sellers welcomed to trade safely at Sheriff’s Office

Ashlynn Melnyk, Correspondent

Facebook Marketplace buyers and sellers can now shop with peace of mind at the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office, where online trades can be monitored by officers and cameras.

The Sheriff’s Office encourages all sellers and buyers to “meet within a well lit area and to ensure that you are in a safe place before making a transaction.”

However, the Sheriff’s office has opened their own office to the community to ensure the safety of citizens, said Deputy Sheriff Julie Daughtry. These transactions can take place within the parking lot where it can be monitored by law enforcement as well as surrounding cameras to ensure someone’s safety.

“Facebook Marketplace can be a wonderful tool for individuals who want to buy or sell items,” said officer Daughtry. Although, being an online outlet, quite typically there are ‘scammers, stalkers, etc’. Daughtry said there have been numerous occasions where an individual had been the “victim of marketplace scams, resulting in several launched investigations.”

Additionally, the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office is working to add to their Facebook page helpful guidelines and safety precautions to help those wishing to make these transactions within the near future.