The Campus Corkboard Comes to Armstrong

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Rebecca Munday

The George-Anne Inkwell’s Campus Corkboard

The George-Anne Inkwell edition is excited to announce our new Campus Corkboard where students will be able to find upcoming events that they may want to attend on the Armstrong campus.

Students who want to find out more about what’s happening this week on the Armstrong campus can visit our Campus Corkboard under the Arts and Entertainment section of our website.

Students, staff, or faculty who are part of a department or campus organization and who would like to see their department’s or organization’s events on the Campus Corkboard should fill out an Event Form with all the relevant information no later than seven days before the scheduled date of the event to ensure the George-Anne Inkwell has enough time to update our calendar.

Please remember to fill out a separate form for each event that needs to be posted on the Campus Corkboard.

QR code for the Campus Corkboard Event Form

Filling out an Event Form and getting your event on the Campus Corkboard does not guarantee the George-Anne Inkwell will send a reporter to cover your event; however, the Campus Corkboard is the first place that that the Editor-in-Chief for Digital Publication and Daily News will look for events to cover for daily stories starting in Fall 2021.