Eagles will not let the virus ruin their year


Shay Parker, Correspondent

With the emergence of the Delta variant, students felt safer being vaccinated, but that doesn’t mean they’re ditching the mask quite yet.

“The Delta variant is nothing to play around with, and I don’t want to risk getting sick,” Danielle Dawkins said.

Students are “strongly encouraged” by Georgia Southern to keep wearing masks indoors even if you are vaccinated.

Other students felt that it’s better to wear a mask while inside and around people just to be safe.

“Even though it’s mutating you’re still kind of safe, it’s just nice to know that you have a little shield.” Jataya Riley said. “It’s just a safety thing like why not, you know, it’s not harming anyone. No one’s going to get hurt from wearing a mask.” Riley said. 

The students both felt good about being on campus in person and taking precautions to stay safe, although some students said they would be leaving their masks at home. 

“I will not be, I am fully vaccinated,” said Luis Santiago. “Although, I may wear one in study groups if there are unvaccinated people.” 

“If a professor asks me to put one on in class I will, or if more people start getting sick,” an anonymous student said.