COVID surges filling up hospital capacities

Briyanna Thompson, Correspondent

With COVID-19 cases surging this past month many hospitals’ Intensive care units are nearing full capacity.

As of August 25 the (NEDOCS) National Emergency Department Overcrowding Scale puts East Georgia Regional Medical Center’s (EGRMC) emergency department as ‘severely overcrowded’. 

While speaking to EGRMC marketing director, Erin Spillman the George-Anne learned that they are currently caring for 60 both critical and non-critical COVID-19 patients. “Anytime our ICU reaches capacity, we have plans in place to provide quality care for any additional critical care patients that are present in our facility,” said Spillman. 

When dealing with COVID-19 patients EGRMC has a separate area where they provide care based on the severity of the patient, Spillman said.

Very few of our current patients are vaccinated,” said Spillman, but that they continue to vaccinate their employees weekly. Along with normal residents of Bulloch county, GS students can also receive care at EGRMC if needed . 

Along with COVID-19 surges, it has also been difficult to receive a COVID test in the Statesboro area.

Students and residents can look for a white drive thru tent in Downtown Statesboro to receive a free COVID test in the parking lot located on the East side of Railroad street, between Hill street and Courtland street.

Testing is also available at other sites such as Statesboro Urgent care located at 1176 Brampton Avenue. As well as the South Georgia Immediate Care Center located at 1096 Bermuda Run Road.