Students Ask their COVID-19 Questions

As our public health situation continues to change, our community is left with many questions about COVID-19, its variants, and the available vaccines. In order to connect with students about their questions, all students were prompted with the question “If you had to ask a health professional a question about COVID-19 or the vaccine what would it be?”

What are the newfound symptoms of the new variants that have come along? ”

— Junior, Theater

If I were immunocompromised do I need to get a booster shot or not? ”

— Sophomore, Communication Sciences and Disorders & Psychology

Personally, I want to know about dates like when did the vaccine get approved? ”

— Junior, Biology

My grandmother has an autoimmune disorder so she was having to do a whole lot of research about how different vaccines would affect her. How would different vaccines interact with different bodies, specifically those that are immunocompromised? ”

— Fifth Year Senior, English

How effective is it [the vaccine] and which one do you recommend? ”

— Freshman, Engineering

If they’re in healthcare, why haven’t they gotten the vaccine if they haven’t yet? ”

— Senior, Radiation Therapy

I heard that there is a third booster shot coming out, so I just want to know how important that is and when we’ll be able to get it? ”

— Junior. History

Also, when will masks phase out? ”

— Junior, History

I just want to know a bit more about the Delta variant? ”

— Sophomore, Electrical Engineering

How do you think the delta variant will impact the future of how we handle viruses, especially in public situations? ”

— Junior, Computer Science

Will travel vaccines become mandatory, and how will they be implemented? ”

— Senior, Health Administration