Halloween Looks for Less

Ashton Christianson

College and living expenses are already high enough without tacking on the $50 Catwoman costume. If you find yourself low on funds but still wanting to join in the Halloween fun, here are two Halloween looks that you can do for a very low price.


Products Used:

The products were purchased from Walmart. 


You will need to start off with white and black face paint, which can be bought at Walmart for around a $1 a piece. An elf foundation brush works the best to apply an even layer of the paint across the surface area of your face.  

You will first need to squirt a small amount of white face paint onto a plate. You will then use the paint to highlight your cheekbones, forehead, chin and jawline. You will need to apply more than one layer of the white paint.

Once you have finished applying this, take the black paint and draw a curved line under your cheekbone down to the edge of your lip. You will then need to blend the black into the edge of the white. You will then use this same technique by outlining your hairline and blending it as well.

Add the teeth around your lips with the black paint.

Finally, add a white stripe down your nose and two black triangles on the tip of your nose. You can go back in to add colorful dots and flowers on your forehead.


For this project, you will need to buy blue and purple face paint, which you can get at  Walmart for around $1 a piece.

You can start off by putting on your normal daily makeup. After this, take a sponge a sponge and dab the blue face paint around your forehead and along your high cheekbone. Once you have finished, let the paint dry before getting ready to add the purple scales.

After the blue paint has dried, take a small eye shadow brush or concealer brush to create little purple diamonds along the small path of the blue paint. Once the paint dries, take a highlighter of your choice to run along the scales to make them shine.



Halloween looks can get expensive, but you can easily do these looks for around $2 each. Whether you decide to be a spooky skeleton or an alluring mermaid, these looks are fun and affordable.


Written by Ashton Christianson and Noelle Walker