Green Trends for You

Mckenzie Kerrigan, Events and Engagement Editor

With so many new trends leaning towards a cleaner and greener environment, should you give it a try too? Veganism, Recycling, Thrifting does this sound like you? These rising green trends have all grown in the past months, with more people leaning towards simpler and more cost effective methods open to everyone.

Thrift it Out

Fast Fashion can be cute, but many of these brands that entertain fast fashion have a scary route. Bigger brands such as shein can contribute so much to unethical fashion, an environmentally friendly alternative is thrifting. If you have an artis touch, a vision, and a needle you can put a unique and equally as cute piece.

Organic is better for Reason

Organic soaps, cleaners, and even foods are all options to choose from. While going green can be more expensive in the long run, it can be more sustainable for the planet. Other benefits can range from less irritation, more natural smells, and more.

Ditch The Plastic

Plastic can be everywhere and so much more attainable compared to other sources. Reusable plastics can be a better alternative if you can’t completely let go. To truly ditch it choose glass options. Glass containers for holding water, food, even soaps or chemicals can assist you in sustainability,

Make It Designer

Green can be cute. Totes, clothes, and jewelry can all be made from recycled materials. Trying your shot at painting a tote to reuse, making your own necklaces/ bracelets, or repurposing fabric to make pieces. Anything can be made from recycled materials with enough research and creativity.